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Rainbow Mugs


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  • Image of Rainbow Mugs
  • Image of Rainbow Mugs

One of a kind hand drawn stoneware mug!
From my hands to yours! This mug was wheel thrown from a creamy white stoneware, trimmed then I attached the pulled handle. After a bit of drying I hand draw into the surface of the clay my original illustrations making your mug unique. The colors are a combination of underglazes and mason stains that are painted on or slip trailed. Once the piece is bone dry I bisque fire then wax the bottom and dip glaze in my original clear glaze! Each piece then goes into a final firing of 2232*F. All pieces are food, dishwasher and microwave safe.
approx. 14 oz.

Image of Bird Mug OOAK6
Bird Mug OOAK6
Image of Bird Mug OOAK5
Bird Mug OOAK5
Image of Bird Mug OOAK4
Bird Mug OOAK4
Image of Bird Mug OOAK3
Bird Mug OOAK3
Image of Bird Mug OOAK2
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Bird Mug OOAK2
Image of Bird Mug OOAK1
Bird Mug OOAK1
Image of Bird Mugs
Bird Mugs
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Multi Stripe Tumbler
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Nature Mugs
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